September 23, 2016

USFBL - 2015 - 20th No - Hitter!

Gloucester fans certainly got their money's worth at Turner Field.  Zack Greinke(11-0) pitched a rare no-hitter as the Minnesota Mud Dogs toppled the Gloucester Commandoes 6 to 0.

Greinke was spectacular.  He did not even surrender a walk.  The Minnesota players and coaches started to leave Greinke alone with his thoughts after the game reached the 7th inning.  By the time the 9th inning rolled around, you could hear a pin drop every time he went to his wind-up - and an
explosion after every out.  Minnesota banged out 12 hits on the night.

Mike Pelfrey(5-4) was charged with the loss.  It took a while to pry Greinke way from his teammates as they all wanted to show their appreciation and joy.  Finally, however, Scott Mueller got to offer his own congratulations with a big bear hug and the comment, 'That was one of the best pitched games I have seen in all my years in baseball - Greinke was masterful out there tonight!'

Minnesota @ Gloucester - June 12, 2015


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