September 23, 2016

USFBL - 2015 - 22nd No - Hitter!

David Price(11-8) thrilled the fans at Angels Stadium as he crafted a no-hit masterpiece against the Starkville Cool Papas.  The Los Angeles Anteaters won by a final score of 1 to 0.

Price had his best stuff and was 'painting the black' with every pitch.  A beautiful game to watch.  He only walked one Starkville batter.  The tension started to build around the 6th inning.  By the 9th inning the crowd was electrified.  Price racked up 11 strikeouts.  The Starkville batters went
down meekly in the bottom of the 9th.

Miguel Gonzalez(8-6) was the losing pitcher.  He gave up 3 hits and 2 walks in 5 innings.  'I gave it everything I had. It's probably the greatest day of my life,' Price said. 'I was out there focusing on my catcher's glove, that's all. I just concentrated on pitching my game.'

Los Angeles at Starkville - July 17, 2015


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